Let Ginger fight for you

Let Ginger FIGHT for you!

Don’t we all love this time of the year?  It’s filled with festivities celebrated by so many different cultures.  But what we don’t look forward to is the flu season that comes with it.  So bundle-up and let GINGER do the fighting for you!

What I’m about to say is nothing new.  You probably already know it.  But it never hurts to reinforce, and put it to use.


Ginger is an herb that has been used for cooking and healing for thousands of years.  It has both anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.  It’s been known to battle morning sickness, nausea, and even soothe an upset belly.  It is also used in nutritional programs to help manage arthritis, fibromyalgia etc.

And how does it help around flu season?  Well, most sore throats and common colds are caused by viruses.  Studies have shown that ginger has the ability to stimulate the immune system to kill these viruses.  Hence reducing the frequency of illness and speeding-up recovery.


Let me start by saying – Go ORGANIC whenever possible! Ans as with almost everything else, “fresh” ginger is more potent than its dried/powdered alternative.  And of course, raw ginger is better than cooked/processed ginger. 

Option 1: Enjoy a cup of this Soothing & Refreshing Lemon Ginger Tea

Soothing & Refreshing Ginger Tea

Option 2: One of the most effective, quickest, and easiest way is to consume ginger is to cut-out ½ to 1 inch piece of fresh ginger and pop it into your mouth.  Give it a few good chews until you’ve extracted and swallowed all juice from it.  For the fiber left behind in your mouth, just gulp it down with some water.  Just like swallowing a pill.

But not all of us can endure the taste of this pungent and spicy herb.  So if you have the time and are willing to put in some effort, then you can give Option 3 or 4 a try.

Option 3: You could squeeze the juice out of some fresh ginger using a garlic press.  Mix it with your favorite fresh juice and consume it.  Or you could run it through a juicer with some other fruits/vegetables and make yourself a super healthy drink!

Option 4: Mix about a teaspoon of dried powdered ginger with ½ to 1 teaspoon of honey, and swallow it down with some water.  Adding honey to the ginger powder will mellow down it’s pungent taste.  Besides, honey has antimicrobial properties too, so it may provide additional health benefits as well.)

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