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500 HR Certified Yoga Instructor
Certified Accessible Yoga Instructor
Certified Breath Coach
Certified Flexibility Coach

I’d be lying if I said that I came to yoga for its holistic benefits.  It was all physical – really!  But a down point in life is what it took for me to see yoga from a whole different lens. The unique experiences, challenges, & victories I encountered along the way are what eventually gave life to Simple Holistic Yoga.

I invite you to explore this 360 Yoga Capsule that will take you on a Powerful & Holistic Journey!



Here’s how I can help!

My trainings and experiences have empowered me to develop a 360 approach to yoga.  Whether you are looking to ENCHANCE your inner peace, IMPROVE your mental focus, or BUILD a strong physical self, I can make it happen! I have helped many students and clients deepen their own connection with themselves.

We start by understanding your specific goals, so that I can develop practices that suite your unique individual needs.

I am here to support you in your Holistic Journey!


It’s time to start the new YOU!


Course Offerings

Learn at your own pace!

Perhaps your schedule is too demanding, or it just doesn’t work with the class times offered.  Maybe you prefer to do things at your own pace.  Or maybe you are someone who likes to learn the in’s and out’s of everything you do thoroughly.  

Well, I Got You Covered…

Checkout the current course offerings and pick out the times that work best for you!



Here we will identify your goals and develop a customized plan that will suite your body and it’s level of fitness.  We will explore safe alignment and develop modifications as needed.  You will be invited to step-up to your edge, allowing you to grow beyond any preconceived limits.  My goal is to ensure that you leave your mat feeling both empowered and at ease with your body.


Flow Together

If you’re looking for shared energy, more consistency, and a community feel, then group classes might be the way to go.  Some people find that group energy helps them fuel their own practice and push themselves further. If you’d rather flow in a group, then check out my current group class offerings.  Be sure to check back as these change from time to time.

What others have to say…


You Are What You Listen To

Check out my undeniable offer on 1 Month Unlimited Access to a hand-picked collection of

Calming & Grounding Meditation Music

that is bound to Relax you no matter what your setting.


Browse my blog!  It will take you on an artistic and creative journey of self exploration.

The blog posts are divided into three categories:

Nourish, Worship, & Enlighten

Nourish: Where you will find posts on nourishing your body through wholesome food.

Worship: Where you will find information on how to approach different yoga postures, and tips & tricks on advancing further.

Enlighten Your Mind & Soul: Where you will find posts on self awareness, pranayama techniques, and meditation skills.

Wondering which is the right class for you?