Alignment Based Sequencing

I’d be lying if I said that I came to yoga for it’s holistic benefits.  Like many others, I began my yoga journey for it’s physical benefits.  This practice of empowerment made me move from not being able to hold a plank pose to doing seamless arm balances and headstands.  Intoxicated by it’s thrill, I built a very strong yoga practice with a hunger to grow even stronger.  There was no stopping me!

But then came along life – an accident that forbidden me from practicing yoga.  Overnight, my addiction for yoga had to be dropped cold turkey.  Being at one of the lowest points of my life, I turned to yoga (for the first time) for holistic reasons.  I guess an injury is what it took for me to explore yoga from a 360 view.

Over the course of one year while I recovered from my injury, I was able to experience the importance of working inwards.  I was able to experience the power of pranayama and meditation.  This shaped my approach to practicing and teaching yoga altogether.

Having an embodied experience of the many faucets of yoga, I now offer what I like to call – Simple Holistic Yoga.  My classes are carefully designed to give the practitioner a 360 experience.  You will be led through – a beginning (of drawing your attention inwards), a transition (of feeling the high and challenging yourself), and an end (of surrendering to the fruition of your efforts).

Having been injured myself, I have become passionate about teaching safe alignment while still making the classes challenging and fun.  Each class is creative, well rounded, and intelligently sequenced so that you will feel the reminiscence of it for days to follow.  It is my hope that with each practice, students leave their mat feeling stronger and more empowered.