Mission – To make yoga accessible to ALL

Today I am a Certified Yoga Instructor and an Accessible Yoga Ambassador.  But when I first started my yoga journey, I didn’t know much about it.  I started by taking yoga classes and also subscribing to the Yoga Journal magazine.

My Initial Experience

One time when taking a yoga class, the instructor cued about using the “feminine and masculine sides” of the body.  Another time an instructor talked about engaging the “uddiyana bandha.”  Flipping through the pages of the Yoga Journal, I read about incorporating “yamas and niyamas.”  Another article talked about understanding the “doshas.”  If you are feeling LOST right now, then you are in the same boat as I was in many moons ago.  I really didn’t know where to start!!!

My Delima

Although there is a ton of information out there, I found it hard to create a good study guide for myself.  There are so many facets of yoga.  And each of these facets is further broken down into more facets.  The information is so scattered.  There is no “one book” that explains all of yoga in “simple terms.”  And there “cannot” be one book, because yoga is a “vast” body of knowledge.  To contain it all in one book is practically impossible.  Not to mention how daunting it would be to the reader.     

My Approach

One approach would be to learn one facet of yoga at a time.  But because yoga can only be mastered by self exploration & implementation, it could be years before you understand one facet and move on to the next.  Therefore in my view, it is best to start exploring more than one facet of yoga at the same time.

That is why I created this site.  It is to offer an easy read to others and give them the opportunity to explore yoga in a simpler way.  I like to call it – “The modern approach to understanding the path of yoga.”  To make it easier, I will be channeling yoga topics into three categories: Nourish, Worship, & Enlighten!  And of course, none of this happens without Inspiration!

Website Layout

    • NOURISH your body through good wholesome food! Posts here will include body nourishment tips and wholesome recipes.
    • WORSHIP your body through yoga asanas/postures. Posts here will include information on how to approach different yoga postures, and tips & tricks on advancing further.
    • ENLIGHTEN yourself through pranayama and meditation. Posts here will include articles on self awareness, pranayama techniques, and meditation skills.
    • INSPIRE yourself through artistic & creative self exploration. It is the key to happiness and feeling lighter. Posts here will include motivational quotes and creative ideas to get you going.

The page for each category will explain more about itself.  I will share articles and blogs related to different facets of yoga under these categories.  Consider these pieces to a puzzle.  Although it may seem unclear in the beginning, I can assure you that soon you will be able to connect the dots and put them together.  My intention is to keep each article as inclusive as possible so that you do not have to reference too much outside of it.  I will however provide resources wherever necessary for those who wish to dig deeper.     

Final Words

I myself am still learning!  But I hope to share some of what I have absorbed and experienced with you.  This site is intended to assist you.  It is to encourage and motivate you on your personal journey to enlightenment.  So feel free to connect with me with any comments or questions.  I would also love to get your feedback on whether this approach is helping you incorporate some yoga into your life

“Yoga is not complicated.  It’s very simple and easy to grasp with dedication and self-exploration.  What makes it seem complicated is the inability to absorb it’s information in the right increments and order.”

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